Cajsa’s Fast Five: February 28th

Fast Five Five posts worth taking the time to check out. There is a relatively important one assessing the state of the mesh deformer and of course, ones great styling and pictures. There’s also an excellent article looking at the death of Elisa Lam though personal experience.

  1. 73 from Thalia Heckroth is a witty video preview of upcoming Arcade items combined with Heckroth’s always striking and beautifully shot photography and filming. 
  2. Mesh Deformer Update 2013-9 from Nalates Urriah is valuable not only for reporting on the project’s progress. Her frank assessment of where things stand and what is needed leads me to feel discouraged about seeing the deformer in wide use any time soon.
  3. Getting Out Alive by Hikaru Enimo has a stunning photo shown with two crops. I love how the crops change the focus.
  4. 84 from Qopi Pearl shows fun and colorful styling with a must-have jacket!
  5. Did Elisa Lam Have a Second Life? from Emerald Wynn is an intriguing and heartbreaking examination of Elisa Lam’s mysterious death. Wynn speculates whether Lam may have been in Second Life. More to the point, she makes a connection to her own experience and that of many other people in SL.
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