Baby you’re a star, and I’m the big dipper


Don’t you hate it when you take a nice photo, look closer, and realize that part of the outfit was broken? I took a lovely shot standing next to sweet Katat0nik when I realized that the alpha around my mesh Lamb hair was breaking the mesh dress. D’oh! Still, it’s a cute photo of Miss Kat, so here.

I have my first thing from The Arcade! It’s this katat0nik bento box, and I adore it so much that apparently I have to wear it with all my outfits, including my Sexy Times one. 😀 What did you get from The Arcade? I wanna seeee!


Bag: Katat0nik lavender/panda bento box at The Arcade
Dress: Katat0nik (blue) Souler Babydoll Dress in the slutteh combo
Shoes: Katat0nik Souler Peep Toe Heels, and look, I tinted my toes purple
Skin: FCD Fantasy Skin – Plum
Eyes: NP Lunar eyes in azur
Horns: Schadenfreude kinder horns
Hair: Lamb Mess in my little pony
Tattoo: vintage from Etchd

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