Dropping Purple Everywhere Because of Donny Osmond

Purple WispOur friends, associations, and experiences help shape us and create our likes, dislikes and contribute to the sum of us as people. When I learned to take pictures for this blog, it was after more than a year of Cajsa taking all of my photos. Looking at her style, the angles she used, the lighting, formed my own opinions on what was good, on what I liked – regardless of if I was even aware of it.

Time went by. I got better at taking my own pictures. I found my own style (which is largely silly) and found my own way. But I can tell you, I still find myself ticking off the list of “to do’s” that Cajsa taught me when I learned to take pictures.

I suspect, if one of your close intimate friends was a pose maker, or a dress maker, or a jewelry maker, and one day you ventured out into the land of being a creator yourself, those archetypal memories of “what is good” would be impressed on you and people might draw conclusions of similarities when they saw your work. That doesn’t mean it is the same. Seeming doesn’t make it so.

So when people start speculating about alts and who is who, sometimes my spidey sense goes up and sometimes I have a laugh. Because while creative juices might flow in similar veins, questions of character, kindness and individual personality are not something that is easily masked.

After all, if they were, alts would always be successful – wouldn’t they?

It's Only Cae

Do you know why I love purple? Because of Donny Osmond. He wore purple socks on EVERY episode of the Donny and Marie show. Sysy’s new SPLASH dress was a perfect choice to celebrate my LOVE of purple today!

Doesn’t make me Donny Osmond.

Never will.
Featuring jewelry today from the AMAZING Caelen Hancroft, who makes lovely mesh pieces of distinctive jewelry. I can’t wait to see what she releases next!

Shopping List:
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Grape):::
Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Vanilla Blond
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Lipstick: -Belleza- Ava Fair Matte Lips 2
Hair: Amacci Hair Anastasia ~ Vanilla Blond
Jewelry: Cae :: Elegance
Shoes: Miamai_Daisy_Snake Amethyst_
Dress: SYSY’s-Mesh-Splash- S – violet
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: -Belleza- Ava Fair Bl 5
Eyes: Ibanez Liquid Eyes – Cotton Candy

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