The club where I DJ was in the Destination Guide today and many newbies dropped in. It was fun to see them running about to the right, left and all around. Most of them were too busy rushing to stop and chat but a few did. Most wanted to know if Second Life was addictive. I sure think it is, if they get past the confusion that we all face at first and begin making friends. It’s the people, the friends, that make SL addictive. Two of the people I met my first week in SL are still my two best friends in SL – so I hope they have as wonderful luck as I did.

And I hope they also find the joy of exploration – going to sims to see what can be seen. I went to this Japan Garden sim yesterday – a beautiful place of peace and harmony. It seemed a good choice for showing off this gown from Azul. It’s the design from Mami Jewell of Azul for Miss Virtual World Japan. It comes in 8 gorgeous color options, but I chose this one for the bold cerise and bordeaux combination.


Like most gowns from Azul, it’s a flowing waterfall of color with a train and long flowing sleeves.


This baroque beauty from Donna Flora is a fabulous jewelry option. I also wore the lovely updo from D!va that’s featured at Collabor88 this month.


PXL Creations’ Kate skin has brilliant cyclamen eye shadow and wine lip tattoo layers to give bold color.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Status Realia pose set
Makeup Tattoos: [PXL] KATE NAT Wine Lips Glossy (Tattoo)
[PXL] KATE NAT LineCyclamen Eyes (Tattoo)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Asami” (Type B)(Red amber)
Clothing: -AZUL- Shinobu
Shoes: Miamai_Lily_French Rose Satin
Jewelry: Donna Flora Monia
Location: Japan Project Garden

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