Raid Your Closet Challenge: Week 5

The end is here!  It’s the final week of the Raid Your Closet Challenge (yes, I’m a couple days early for once).

Raid Your Closet Challenge - Week 5

For this final look, I’m featuring an item (the purse) from one of my all-time favorite stores, Celestial Studios.  OMG I MISS IT!  Celestial Studios and ETD (now Elikatira) were the stores where I purchased my first nice items, and they’ll always be special to me for that reason.  They were the stores that made me realize there were actually fashionable items on the grid, and oh what a happy moment that was!  It still makes me smile to remember those early days of shopping in Second Life, and how each day seemed filled with discoveries.  Doing this challenge has brought back a lot of happy memories – thank you for starting it, Lucie!

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Please note some older items may no longer be available!

Hair: Elikatira “Breeze” (Red 05)
Skin: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Vanilla)
Cardigan: So Many Styles “Basic Cardigan” (Black)
Shirt: Sugarcube “Trompe L’Oeil” (Lemon)
Jeans: “Iunno Jeans” (Dark Wash)
Shoes: Mon Tissu “Cottage Flats” (Black)
Glasses: Mon Tissu “Favorite Readers”
Purse: Celestial Studios “Hobo Bag” (Black) n/a
Pose: Olive Juice “Long Hair 4” n/a

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