Raid Your Closet Challenge: Week 1

Have you heard about Lucie Bluebird’s Raid Your Closet Challenge? Go have a look at the details! The primary rule is that you must have owned the items before the beginning of the month, but I decided to go back much further than that. I’ve been obsessed with SL fashion ever since I signed up in 2008, so I have a LOT of clothing in my inventory from “back in the day.” I’m looking forward to using some of it again, even if only for a few weeks!  (And…cough cough…the challenge started this past Monday, so I’m a little tardy).

Raid Your Closet Challenge - Week 1

Putting this look together was a lot of fun. I dug through my inventory and kicked aside some giant dustbunnies in folders I haven’t opened since mesh became widely available. These were some of my go-to items for a long time. I love the textures of this jacket/shirt combo, and if it were real life, it would be worn out from wear by now. The denim skirt is from and was also in heavy rotation for a long time. (I really want to see more mesh denim skirts!). The Surf Co. boots are also old-ish, but have withstood the test of time and stand up strong against the mesh boots out there. This Lamb hair was my favorite for a long time, though lately I tend to stick with mesh to avoid prims cutting into my body.

If you’ve seen any of my previous posts, you’ll know I primarily wear mesh these days. But as much as I love mesh, it does have its limitations. When we had only system layers and sculpted prims, I think I was more creative with my outfits. I really enjoyed the layering options we have with those, and I hope one day we’ll be able to layer mesh in the same way.

Even if you’re not a blogger and don’t take part in the Raid Your Closet Challenge, I hope you’ll take a look through your inventory to revisit some of your old favorites!


Skin: Tres Blah “C88 Shallow Skin” (Light) (old Collabor88 item)
Hair: Lamb “Clover” (Butterfinger)
Jacket/Shirt: DP Yum Yum “Tweed Jacket” (Green Check + Tshirt)
Skirt: “Denim Skirt” (Dark Wash)
Tights: Jane “Lil Piggies Tights” (Waffleknit – Golden)
Boots: Surf Co. “Olea Boots” (Worn)
Glasses: Reek “Junior Shades
Bag: Tres Blah “Neato Tote Bag”
Necklace: Happy Finds “My Deer Necklace” (n/a)
Pose: Flowey “Lay Your Hands On Me”

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4 thoughts on “Raid Your Closet Challenge: Week 1

  1. Zasneny Dubrovna

    Yay thanks! This was really fun and I’ve already put together next week’s look too, hehe!

  2. Lucie

    I love it! It’s nice to see people wearing non-mesh stuffs, too. <3 Also, your bio makes me giggle. Nymphadora Tonks. Heh.

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