Raid Your Closet Challenge: Week 2

I’m back with another “vintage” look for the Raid Your Closet Challenge!

Raid Your Closet Challenge - Week 2

This week I used some of my absolute favorites from days-gone-by.  If you were in SL around 2008-2009, you might remember Plod.  It was an awesome sim with lots of fun items, like this messenger bag complete with a little squirrel in it, and purses that dropped acorns when you walked.  I loved it…it was so unique!  Unfortunately I lost all my old pictures of Plod when my computer died.  I wish I could share them with you.

These UBU “porn stars” are still some of my favorite shoes in SL, and I wear them all the time.  They have a ton of customization options.  This older Maitreya hair is still the best beanie/hair combo in my inventory.  The Reek cardigan has a lot of sculpted prim attachments, but I love the color and hope someone does some mesh sweaters like this one.

I hope you’re enjoying this Challenge.  I’ve had so much fun putting together these looks!  Stay tuned…three more weeks to go!


Hair: Maitreya “Sasha” (Ash Blonde)
Skin: Pink Fuel “Kumi” (Vanilla)
Sweater: Reek “Papercut Cardigan” (Fall)
Shirt: Atomic “Sheer Comfort Tank” (Cream – Worn) [n/a]
Jeans: Mon Tissu “1929 Cigarette Denim” (Dark 1)
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Glasses: HOC “Rectangle Framed Glasses” (001)
Headphones: Boon “Headphones – Plain”
Messenger Bag: Plod “Leather Shoulder Bag” [n/a]
Pose: Flowey “We Do Summer”

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3 thoughts on “Raid Your Closet Challenge: Week 2

  1. Lucie

    You are too adorable! I love it, and I am so with you on hoping people do sweaters like that (and jean jackets!) in mesh! I need those in my life. I suck at editing prims, and always tended to avoided stuff with a lot of add ons.

  2. Zasneny Dubrovna

    <3 thank you Lucie! I do love that we don't have to spend forever adjusting prims with mesh items. I'm hoping we'll see more mesh sweaters/jackets released soon, now that cooler weather is here!

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