I got stuck in Ivey’s Sn@tch

I got stuck in Ivey’s sn@tch earlier today. No really, I did….I went there to get this lovely new release called slow ride corset dress and I couldn’t teleport home. It wasn’t so bad though…her sn@tch is lovely. Anyways, she has an awesome concept going….purchase by size, I’m usually a medium and this was the same. I know her and others have been kinda blah about the whole standard sizing thing but I gotta tell ya, she makes a fine ass and I mean mesh ass…she’s not an ass…she is super.

See..BABOOM…look at dat ass! It’s hot.

Ok, here is a close up because i’m all about the close ups lately ESPECIALLY when rocking new Ikon Eyes. These are a new release called Kaleido and they are of the Island persuasion. I’m seriously in love with this store.  The makeup I’m wearing is from a store new to me called Lovely Mi and I found it when I typed in avante garde in sl search and it truly is. They have some very unique makeups.

Hybie Is Wearing:

Skin: Rotten Toe – Marina – Pale – Canvas (new)
Makeup: Lovely Mi – Oh DicoDico! Black Full (new)
Dress: Sn@tch – Slow Ride Corset Dress – Black
Hair: Elikatira – Parade – Black 04
Eyes: Ikon – Kaleido – Island (new)
Ears: Illusions – Fairy Ears

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