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Black Lace

I said it on another post a few days ago that i’m back into my corset mode and I don’t think i’ll be taking off this outfit from Necrotica for at least a week. I’m serious, I love it long time.  It’s elegant and edgy..two of my favorite things. I wanted to add a pinch of color so I got myself this amazing Atlas Collar from KOOQLA that comes with an optional veil that I’m actually wearing in the pictures. It’s so unique and the texturing is fantastic. Continue reading


Hello, I bring you another simple LOTD post. I’m back into my corset mood this week (which happens a lot) and thought I needed to be a red head for a few days (which happens sometimes) and the best place for a red head to hang is at Rouge (always).

Hybie is wearing:

Skin: Glam Affair – Cassiopea – Europa – 02
Hair: Clawtooth – Starlight – Sunset
Corset: Etchaflesh – Red Light Corset mesh
Hotpants: Milly Molly – Roxana hotpants black
Boots: ezura – Leather Corset Boots
ciggy: Bloody Mess – cigarette holder cc 02

I got stuck in Ivey’s Sn@tch

I got stuck in Ivey’s sn@tch earlier today. No really, I did….I went there to get this lovely new release called slow ride corset dress and I couldn’t teleport home. It wasn’t so bad though…her sn@tch is lovely. Anyways, she has an awesome concept going….purchase by size, I’m usually a medium and this was the same. I know her and others have been kinda blah about the whole standard sizing thing but I gotta tell ya, she makes a fine ass and I mean mesh ass…she’s not an ass…she is super.

Continue reading

naughty but nice (nsfw)

This corset I’m wearing had been sitting in my favorites on the marketplace for a while. I saw it and was like “whoa…that’s neat-o”. Of course, I’m not sure what occasion would call for a corset with large spikes but if there is ever such occasion…I’m f’n ready! The corset has nice detail BUT it’s no mod (it has a resizer which is fine too). Perhaps I dont understand the mechanics of sculpts but I assume that if something comes with an alpha layer…it doesn’t need an invisible prim around it anymore. This has one of those..it’s really annoying because when you are standing with your arms to the side, parts go missing due to this invisible prim. So, now I have mixed feelings about my new corset. Continue reading