Of unicorns and nether parts

Hug the sparkly unicorn

I don’t often do skin reviews, but when I do, I hold a sparkly unicorn  plushie. (Insert appropriate gif here.) At any rate, I really like this Cupcakes skin. Instead of going through it pixel by pixel, let me tell you the story of when I first met Rosemary Galbraith. She was a n00b, and so was I. She had a shop with an enormously long name, and when I met her she was bald and buck naked, working on her very first skin. I thought she was drunk, but it turns out she’s actually just that friendly and awesome! One thing that I’ve noticed about her skins over the past five years is that they have some of the most awesome derrieres in SL. Do check them out, and the sparkly unicorn plushies from ~silentsparrow~ too!

If you wanna see proof…

A tiny bit not safe for work under the cut.

Edit: OH LOL, here I am talking about arses when Hybie is totally all up in other body parts. We’re a hot mess tonight.

Where did I put "basic pants-wearing" again...

"Honey, I lost the Pynchon"

Plushie: (Summer) Uni-ee! ~silentsparrow~
Skin: Cupcakes Doll in Bronze shade with freckles
Hair: !lamb. Brand New Lover, browns pack
Pink bra and panty set: Pig
Socks: Schadenfreude Amber Luisa Knee Socks for Collabor88

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