Dead stuff and alive stuff

/artilleri/ and MiaSnow stuff!

Look at this awesome stuff! I do love stuff, especially when it’s worn, macabre, and slightly dingy, like this lovely rug, skull, and scarf-draped box from MiaSnow. I also love stuff when it’s vibrant, green, and lively, like this set of plants from /artilleri/. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if I cautiously opened my “garden” folder, I’d find that plants take up more than half of my inventory, and macabre stuff the rest of it…

/artilleri/ Plant – Cute climber *green pot*
/artilleri/ Plant – Awesome aloe v2 *brown/green pot*
/artilleri/ Plant – Awesome aloe v1 *blue pot*
MIASNOW Home – SKULL Mustache Man
MIASNOW Home – CRATE Draped Grey 2
MIASNOW Home – RUG Raggy green

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