I Grow Old I Grow Old

TS Eliot’s tome of ennui and aging was spinning through my mind this morning as I wandered locations looking for a place to shoot.

We had to read it in High School, and what I remember most is our peals of laughter at the overwrought melancholy. We’d sit at lunch and exclaim “DO I DARE TO EAT A PEACH?” and then howl. It was the 80s after all, and no one would ever have a bad day or feel sad. How ridiculous.

I am exactly old enough now to not only get this poem, but the melancholy and longing that it harbors. It’s probably one of my favorites and if that’s trite so be it.

I declared myself a rebel this morning, I bought this hair from D!VA at collabor88 without demoing and while I was still a red swooshy cloud.  That cloud makes me miss Ruth btw. But as I just clicked BUY without really being sure which blonde suited me, I laughed and said “DO I DARE TO EAT A PEACH? YES!”

Eat a peach. It’s fun. I promise.

“I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each”

                          TS Eliot

The Shopping List:

Shape: Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Natural 02
Hair: D!VA – tomoko2
Top:Ingenue – Mignon
Pants: Ingenue – Leslie
Nails: – Leverocci Mesh nails in teal

Poses: Status
Shoes: Duh – Mary Janes

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