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Reverie Boucher for Donna Flora a to z

Reverie Boucher, a long time It’s Only Fashion reader, wanted to participate in the Donna Flora A to Z project, too, but not having a blog or photo account, asked to do it here. I am more than happy to offer space for reader/shopper contributions to the project and, as in this case, help with the photos.  The styling and text is from Reverie. 

I always enjoy a visit at Donna Flora because there is such a wonderful collection of clothes with a range of styles that span many eras of time. In her fashion design, Squinternet Larnia shows a wonderful knowledge of the history of period dress and also has a wonderful selection of recent trends that includes new mesh items.

Reverie Boucher for Donna Flora a to z

This dress reminds me of the organdy and lace my mother used to make for me. It evokes memories. Also the shoes, I remember when I first saw printed silk shoes in real life. That is part of her magic, bringing back happy memories. The shoes and jewelry have a unique quality that is identified with the Donna Flora brand. The only problem I have is liking so many styles and not knowing which to choose.

Reverie Boucher for Donna Flora a to z

Many people are thinking of you Squinternet and hoping you feel stronger each day.

Dress: Donna Flora Fiona
Shoes: Donna Flora Dana Baroque
Jewelry: Donna Flora Sally, necklace and earrings.

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