Too Many Houses? Bah!

I rezzed a house in the sky above my real house to shoot some furniture for Collabor88 a few weeks ago. And then, I never took it down. I’m starting to think of it as my vacation home.

I can go there and enjoy the peace and quiet of the mainland sky, and read a book and just be mellow Gidge which is a pretty good thing to do.

After I got the bedroom suit for Collabor88 from Trompe Loeil I knew the house was going to stay, it’s a perfect cozy addition. And like last time, the bed and side table are for sale together for only 88L – seriously, I love this bed, the textures are really rich and beautiful.

And it comes with a magical book that your fingers will go right thru. MAGIC I tell you.

The fireplace is also from Trompe Loeil and if you are making the switch to mesh mesh mesh this is a great furniture store to start with I’m loving the look and feel of it.

And I give it a thumbs up for naptime.

The bed and side table are avail at Collabor88 for 88L and the crowds have probably thinned considerably so RUN. The fireplace is available at the Mainstore of Trompe Loeil.

And with that, this is Gidge – Out.


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