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Evelyn Hartshon and I have been working on Blogging Second Life for a couple months now and it’s been growing steadily. We have added new sections and new initiatives in response to community requests and suggestions and hope that you will find it a useful tool for connecting in Second Life.  Some of those are in their infancy and we hope other people may have an interest in taking the lead on some of them. So what is Blogging Second Life?

1) It’s a blogroll of Second Life bloggers. This includes blogs that focus on men and women’s fashions, on home and garden, on travel and on Second Life news and commentary.

2) It’s a directory of Second Life stores and creators with links to creator profiles and their marketplace stores so people can find the stores easily.  We also have a special section on stores that use the Standard Shapes for Mesh clothing

3) It’s a connection for bloggers and creators. There’s an online application for bloggers who accept review copies that feeds into a searchable database allowing designers to find bloggers they might like to work with.

4) There’s a new section that we hope will become a directory of Second Life arts, education and entertainment – clubs, galleries, art expos,  theater and sports would be found there as well as artists and photographers. We hope we can find someone who is active in one of those areas to take that on and build it into a real resource instead of a framework waiting to be filled.

5) It’s a connection for entertainers and those looking to hire them. We have added an online form for DJs, musicians and other entertainers to complete and feed into a searchable database for people looking for someone for their events and clubs.

We hope that if you have a blog, a store or a service that you add your information and get yourself listed. We also hope you add Blogging Second Life to your blogroll – connecting your readers to this useful directory.

We hope that if you have a blog, a club, a store,

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