Lookit that adorable hat from DP**yumyum v.vI have a bird on my head. And wolf ears, and a hood, and antlers, and hair, all on the same Thing! Oh dear oh dear, DP**yumyum is so cute! I had to share that hat. And just because I love this season in SL, I’ve dug out a bunch of old seasonal outfit stuff that you can’t have (although similar things are available in the shops), just to encourage you to go snap up the special cuteness while you can! [SLURL to DP**yumyum]

Have you seen Cajsa’s awesome post, by the way? Go read it!

You can totally get:
Hoodie: DP**yumyum Wolf Hoodie A
Tights: Honey Kitty diamond tights in black
Skin: Pink Fuel Elly in milk – angelic
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Arcanist in red
Undies (don’t peek): Schadenfreude rouge cirque noir panties

Stuff from Holidays past!
Gloves: Vintage from Fleur (I miss you, Fleur)
Shrug: So Many Styles fur shrug from an old seasons hunt
Eyes: (fd) bride eyes
Dress: Honey Kitty’s 2010 group gift xmas dress

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