Outfit by Trap...

I was hit by nostalgia for how I used to cobble together photos, so here you go, all photoshopped up. Amazing how it feels like riding a bicycle… I spotted this outfit while I was at Trap the other day getting tattoos! I love how pointy it is — a good outfit for my more echidna-like days. (SLURL to TRAP)

Shirt: Nomine Oriana Corset in black
Pants: Trap Spiked Pants in Aqua
Jacket: Trap Spiked Coat in Aqua
Tattoo: Katat0nik (light) poisoned sugar rush tattoos
Shoes: G*Field strap shoes “Alex” in black
Piercings: Ellabella Sphere’s Caress
Ears: Schadenfreude Mer-elf ears
Skin: Pink Fuel Elly (Milk) Amazon
Eyes: MIASNOW eyes – GEM blue
Poses: Terho, Long Awkward Poses, STaTUS

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