LOTD 10 26 11 – AUTUMN (again)

I’ve been trying to go to the different designer showcase sales around the grid lately #1 to see several designers in one location and #2 who wants to pass up a great deal on great stuff!  Well, I found these pants at The Dressing Room (can’t remember if it was the current one or last one), but they are from Fishy Strawberry – always find stuff there I like!

Autumn 10 26 11 1

And as soon as I saw the pants… I KNEW they would go with the shoes I had picked at the Dressing Room the week before… wanna see them? keep reading….

They are such cute lace up pumps, perfect for fall in these lovely shades of brown, from YS&YS, a first for me… I need to get to their main store and check things out, cause these are FABULOUS!

Autumn 10 26 11 2

But most of all….. I’m lovin’ how my ass looks in these pants…….

Autumn 10 26 11 3

Style Notes:
Pants: Fishy Strawberry – High Waist Pants, Tobacco
Blouse: Exclusiva – Gill Satin Blouse, Brown (part of an outfit)
Shoes: YS&YS – Tiburon TDR, Beige
Skin: LAQ – Lovisa, Peach 01
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Moon, Autumn (bright)
Hair: Truth – Tegan 2, caramel
Poses: STaTUS

4 thoughts on “LOTD 10 26 11 – AUTUMN (again)

  1. galacaproni Post author

    With the new (viewer 2) viewers you can wear more than one item on an attachment point. Instead of WEARING an item, you ADD the item. When you go to put on, lets say the pants cuffs, you go to that item in your inventory and right click it and choose ADD, not wear (which will displace what you already have on that attachment point). It is also how you can wear rings AND prim nails.

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