Fashion Week

In First Life® there are hundreds of Fashion Weeks around the world, though the top four in New York, London, Paris and Milan dominate the fashion world. In Second Life®, there are countless fairs, expos, and fashion weeks, and the most riveting and dynamic is Modavia Fashion Week. Modavia Fashion Week runs concurrently with New York Fashion Week and oddly enough, my avatar was invited to both. Question: when an avatar is invited to a First Life event, can her typist go? Well, it’s not possible for me to go to New York, though I will watch on YouTube® but I can go to Modavia’s Fashion Week and I surely will. If you miss any of the Modavia Fashion Week, you can catch up with photos of the runway shows on their Flickr.

I have attended before and was blown away by the fabulous organization and professionalism that brought runway show after runway show in on time and with minimal fuss. They have 49 shows to produce in just 8 days, but I am confident that they will be on time and as near to flawless as computers, servers and isp’s will allow. I know that the fashion will be fun and exciting as creating a collection for Modavia Fashion Week inspires designers to be adventurous. I have no idea what’s in store, but I know it will be good.

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