Maxine, Maxine, Maxine


I fell for the Maxine dress from District even before I knew its name. I love the fabric that seems inspired by kente cloth patterns in a subtle cream and beige print. When I saw its name, it was case closed. My former roommate had a cat named Maxine who really liked me a lot and constantly competed with my cats for lap space. She was a black and white ragdoll, adorably cute in that long-haired lap cat kind of way. She was also quite possibly one of the most neurotic cats on the planet.


I had an orange tabby boy named Jenny and despite being a boy named Jenny, he was not neurotic. He was a huge and gentle cat. Too gentle in my opinion. I once saw a mouse run across the kitchen floor. I figured one of my cats would take care of the mouse, but no. Jenny did see the mouse and decided to mother it, cradling it in his paws gently while bathing it. He didn’t harm a hair on that mouse, dang it. But Maxine revealed another side to my cat. He had a mean streak.

He loved to torture Maxine. He never touched her. He just sat about 5 feet away from her and looked at her. He really looked at her, steady and unblinking which is very rude in cat body language. Cats blink to be polite and an unblinking stare is hostile. That’s all he did, but first she would growl, then she would snarl, then she would do this crazy spit-spit-spit and spin around in the air, scrabbling her nails on the floor in a panic and run away crying. It was cruel, but it was hard to be sympathetic since he was a mild-mannered cat who loved every other creature he met. He just could not resist teasing Maxine because she was such a scaredy-cat. I think if she had an ounce of gumption, he would have been as affectionate with her as any other beast. Neurotic, a bit dumb and without any gumption, you still had to love Maxine because she was the ultimate lap cat who wanted nothing more than to be cuddled.



The skin is a new release from L.Fauna (formerly Chai) and shows all the hallmarks of an experienced skinner at the top of her game. The hair is a boy’s cut from Dura. Shhh! Don’t tell. It’s Sienna and I just tint it a bit, adding a soft rosy pink to it to get the red I want.  I


  • Poses: Status
  • Skin: L.Fauna Skins Lea P3
  • Tattoo Makeup: L.Fauna Makeup – Smokey
  • Eyes: Unique Senstive Eyes
  • Lashes: Lelutka
  • Hair: Dura Boy20
  • Dress: District Maxine Maxi for Ch1c
  • Shoes: Lelutka KI
  • Jewelry: Paper Couture Leather & Gold Earrings & Dead Man Necklace, Boon bracelet, Donna Flora Square Ring, House of Heart Bracelet (HoH is only on Marketplace)
  • Location: Cap Estel

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