Acha in Comfy Clothing

O hey, it’s Acha.  How’ve you all been?  I popped out of hiding for a moment to mention that The Closet has some new clothes. I’ve known Bambi63 Rehula for years, ever since Creamy Cooljoke dragged me out shopping to her original build way back in 07.  Her clothing was as whimsical and interesting then as it is now, and the shop has been through many, many iterations.  For a while it was on Trey Dope right next to one of my favorite quirky pose shops, Lotta.  And who could forget trying really hard to find TheCloset In Shelter, the slightly more rock-n-roll line that was hidden behind a dusty old door in her build?  After a bit of radio silence, Bambi63 produced some new things.  I love this midi-skirt, and I love the draped hippie top too.  She’s got “Mori Gyaru” down to a science!  Go see her latest items, and some super-awesome swimwear, here.

More photos and the credits behind the cut!

Along with this outfit I’m wearing a new skin line from Ugly Duck.  I really love the Lily skin shade. It’s not quite human, and goes well with pale pale hair and really interesting eyes (like these from Plastik).  I’m also sporting the latest facial adventure from Miss Shippe’s Studio — sequins.  Beneath the eyes.  Awesome.  SLURL to Ugly Duck, SLURL to Miss Shippe’s Studio.

Ruffle socks from Honey Kitty, and I had to do a Mori Gyaru au natural, below…Extreme Mori Gyaru? Lol.

***Vines: Illusions Hedera vines
***Hair: Lamb Lover in milk
***Shoes: League merino flats in dark taupe
***Necklace: TheCloset Rhodochrosite – behappy necklace
***Top: TheCloset Ortega Fringe Top in sky blue
***Skirt: TheCloset Button Through Denim Skirt
***Socks: Honey Kitty (blue) flower ankle socks
***Ears: Plastik The ARkenea Ears in normal
***Eyes: Plastik Mnemonic Kedan creepy eyes
***Skin: Ugly Duck Swan -Lily-
***Sequins: Purple Undereye Sequins by Miss Shippe’s Studio

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