…and I Wonder If I Ever Cross Your Mind?

I spent my Monday sitting around hatching kittens. I had a few but this is the only one that I kept. I’m slowly turning into the crazy cat lady of SL because once I name them then I am hesitant to send them off to the Menagerie. (This is kitty cat heaven although someone on my plurk line says that Callie Cline has a big KITTY OVEN and that this is where they go.)

This is the only kitten that made the cut, named Diamante after the hilarious fake diamonds from 80s infomercials. My grandma once told me all about these new diamonds that were so cheap. OH YES Grandma. Diamante for EVERYONE (PS they were glass.)

I’m lazing about the house today in goodies from SOMNIA, the sheer ribbed tank and basic jeans. But just because I’m lazy doesn’t mean I can’t be cute with the NINA flats from INGENUE and some gorgeous jewelry from DARK MOUSE.
The hair is also NINA from Truth.

Am I the only one who does that? I find more than one thing with the same name and I totally end up wearing it. I don’t know why. It amuses me.

It’s my goal to deck myself out head to toe some day in items named GIDGE.


Anyway, Your Shopping List….

Somnia – Simply Ribbed Sheer
Somnia – Basic Jeans – Olive
Truth – Nina – Almond
PXL Creations – Gaia
Dark Mouse – Anzac
Shoes – Ingenue – Nina

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