Blogger Challenge:Something Old

Achariya has challenged us all to dig into our closets and pull out designs that are no longer available to appreciate them and take that stroll down memory lane of who we used to be.
It was tough for me, because I have three former great loves who are not longer with us. All three just POOFED and were gone one day.
I had a hard time not just wearing all Digit Darkes, but let’s face it, I blogged most if not all of her catalog here over the years so I thought I’d mash it up a bit.
I’m wearing a cropped green sweater and tribal bead jeans from Chic Boutique which was a store I always refused to tell my friends where it was.
I didn’t want them to have cute things like me. HA.

As a girl who only had freebie box jeans, I thought these were literally the cutest things I had ever seen.
I’m also wearing shoes from Digit Darkes, and if you remember anything about her, it’s that her shoes were flawless and awesome.
I still love these damn shoes and will never EVER delete them.
I’m also wearing the Virgo skin from Aleri Darkes and her Zuri hair which was one of her last releases.
Proof that I am never or rarely naked, I was dressing and put this skin on first to discover that NATURAL means the biggest 70s porno bush on the grid!

There are so many other stores that are gone that I liked. But I’m constantly excited by the new stores that come along.

I would give fashion notes, but you can’t get this stuff! But it was fun when it was new, I promise you that.

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