Gidge's Love List: The Good Blondes – PART TWO

It’s time for more of my FAVORITEST blondes on the grid.
I think you guys were afraid that I wasn’t going to include the rest of the BIG BALLERS when I lead off with Truth and Exile. FAR BE IT from the truth, I just thought I’d space stuff around a bit and not just do all the big guns at once.
I’m starting off with LAQ today and I have to totally admit that this is my original long hair love.
And Mallory Cowan gave me my first ever hair and skin review copies when I was a new blogger.
The JUNE hair pictured in the big photo, and the Top Picture – which is Love Affair, are two great examples of gorgeous long hair from LAQ and were my first review hairs.

I’m also wearing JENNIE by LAQ bcse I was in an LAQ kinda mood!

Next up the hairdo powerhouse MAITREYA. Think Maitreya is just awesome shoes and cute clothes? Try and get on that sim when they release hair, suckers.

There was a time when you could’ve thrown a grenade into a crowd of the fashion mafia and hit a score of pixel girls wearing the hair on the right – which is Piper. (Or Piper 2? One is up one is down I forget). Yeah , I own them too. Why? Because they are STILL freaking gorgeous. I’m bringing it back, as a matter of fact. Just changed my profile pic to that hair!

I’d also like to say that Maitreya is one of like, three places, that I bothered to go get the Christmas gift from this year. Why? Because it was MAITREYA! OMG! Have I NOT made this clear yet?

Gorgeous blondes – Maitreya has them.

Next up, we’ll step a bit OFF the beaten path by the less adventurous and look at Cri Cri.

A good friend took me hair shopping last year, to distract me from a sick kitty I was dealing with. We went on a quest to find hair with bows and Cri Cri was an absolute win. Not only does it have adjustable bow style, and color Cri Cri styles also offer color change on the hair WHICH I LOOOOVE.

And, it’s cute.

I’m also wearing the new Sunday Morning Tee from Ingenue (or is it Sunday Tee? I shoulda written that down) and new pants from L’Abel.

The skin is from LAQ – Jennie. And whenever I write that, I say it “Jenay” in my head and wonder if we’re like peas and carrots.

But I digress…….

Next up, more blondes…after I get them shot!

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  1. Serene

    Before I saw RAC/Laqroki Hair I used to wear mostly curly hair from Bewitched. Wow that was a while ago right? Instant convert to prettier hair textures. Back in the day.

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