Ride 'em Steampunk Cowboy

Hi there!  It’s Acha, here with a brand-new outfit from Ezura that will tickle your Steampunk fancy.  The suit’s construction and skinny tie reminds me most of that old west movie with Will Smith.  Sadly the movie sucked, but the premise was so awesome — Steampunk old west!  Does anyone else love the RPG Deadlands?  *cough* Sorry, my tabletop gaming geek is showing. Anyway, I could see my avatar hopping astride a mechanical horse with his springloaded crossbow, off to hunt some zombies… Go find the goodness at Ezura.

Another photo and the credits below this cut.

***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Dandy
***Monocle: Nala onocle pin
***Hat: Schadenfreude Strigoi Tophat
***Outfit: Ezura Willow Male *Mocha set
***Skin: DNA Damien type 3 sideburns
***Hair: Rock Candy Benku Hair in coffee

4 thoughts on “Ride 'em Steampunk Cowboy

  1. achariya Post author

    I got a pistol for ya, baby. It’s just in my pocket. *eyebrow waggle*

    Edit: hahaha, my RL picture totally kills that, doesn’t it? *g*

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