Cajsa has made the terrible mistake of checking into the Little Heaven basement infirmary rather than a regular hospital for her surgery.
I warned her and warned her that this wasn’t a good idea.
Their staff just didn’t really look very compassionate to me.

So typically she’s not feeling very good. Of course, I’m not sure anyone would feel good in the care of doctor spooky here.

Ok ok ok ok ok.
This is not a fashion post. This is a special request by Cajsa’s RL friend M, who felt with all the stress RL Cajsa has been through in the last few days a lovely Cyber Mad Doctor might be in order.

RL Cajsa was moved to ICU yesterday for a little more intensive TLC however I have willed that she be removed from there some time today after much needed attention to some problems she was having.

I have no idea what I’m wearing. Oh that’s not true – I am wearing the awesome chrome skin from Adam N Eve. Hair is Truth, I dunno which one. All his work rocks so, we can just take that as rote.

Now, Cajsa remember – if you don’t get better and get out of ICU, imma tell all these crazy SLers your RL name and stuff. AND YOU DON’T WANT THAT! So, get well.

And I miss you. Love Gidge


  1. Cajsa Lilliehook

    This is Cajsa’s RL friend M writing to thank Gidge for taking my suggestion seriously for a fashion post. It’s a bit macabre, though I was looking for an even more extreme cyberpunk look:) I have possession of her communication device for the moment, so I will use it to thank everyone for their kind wishes and to assure you she is being well cared for. If she can remember and recapture some of the truly out-there babblings of the last couple of days, you will all be treated to some ground-breaking new posts when she recovers:) I hope that will be fairly soon. Many thanks to you all and a hug from Cajsa and M

  2. Gidge Uriza Post author

    Hey M. I’ve got TENTACLES AND CHROME SKIN! Geeeez what a critic! You are soooooo hard to please. 🙂 Now I see why Cajsa likes ya. Take care of her for me! I think you are awesome, you know that?

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