Please Welcome Kelley Hanly and Hethr Engel to…IOF

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to welcome a couple other really talented individuals who have decided they might fancy contributing to It’s Only Fashion as the mood takes them!

First of all I’d like to welcome the beautiful and funny Kelley Hanley (above). She’s decided she shops enough to merit a closet worthy of a blogger 🙂 . She’s one of my plurk friends and makes me laugh nearly every day. I’m delighted to have her with us.

Hethr Engel is a talented blogger already who, like me, is gonna carve out some time from raising a set of twins to worship at the alter of SL Fashion.

Both ladies have their own unique style and charm and I hope that each of them makes you as delighted as they make me.

Welcome to It’s Only Fashion ladies! We are happy to have you with us!

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