I Met This Girl Named Cajsa:Berry's Challenge

About three years ago I met this girl. I was busily setting up vendors in this huge BIAB shop that my friend owned and doing other shiz associated with managing a mall, and this girl was there, stuck under the stairs to the store.

We laughed and talked and eventually she got unstuck but I can’t remember how. She probably had to relog. She camped at my friends club, on the same property. He paid out tons of camping lindens daily because he had this thing about helping out players who didn’t have money.

Eventually she came over and modeled for me because he was having me take pictures of the BIAB to make our own vendors. (PS at that time I didn’t know the term BIAB nor the shady nature of the business so everyone just get off your high horse now.)

Time went on and my friend hired her, and I sighed. DAMN. Another one of his ho’s that I was gonna have to babysit while he ran off with OTHER ho’s. This is the same friend who kept his Gorean slaves laying about, and made me watch them while he was off doing shenanigans.

Mall manager, slave watcher, occasional escort dresser – that was my job.

Over time, she and I started doing events together at his club. And I discovered that not only was she NOT one of his ho’s, she was really smart and funny. We started having the best time thinking up crazy ideas for parties several times a week.

One day she took me to this land called Glookbone and showed me this photography studio she’d set up. I remember being in AWE of the amazing pictures they were taking there. I’d never seen pictures like that. I had no idea anyone could DO anything like that.

Time went on and we got more and more burned out trying to churn out creative parties several times a week for folks who really just wanted to camp and get paid anyway. Cajsa’s photography business was taking off and taking more of her time. And eventually my role at the island ended due to personal squabbling (his new girlfriend didn’t like me bwaahaahaa).

I was pretty vocationless for a while, just puttering around my house decorating it, missing old friends etc, when Cajsa asked me if I wanted to come do this blog thing with her. I said “Fashion blog? What’s a fashion blog?”

I remember the first shoot I did, dredging up a decent outfit and being paranoid I looked stupid.
I remember the day we got 100 hits for the first time. We were beside ourselves.

I remember my first review copies. I remember getting COMMENTS from people I had only heard of, for the first time,and being amazed. Someone was READING US?

Eventually she made me learn how to take my own pictures. We didn’t advertise it, but it was because she just wasn’t well enough to take pics for both of us anymore, because of the time involved.

Because of this blog, I met some of the best, smartest, funniest people I’ve ever known.

This is a lot of pictures isn’t it?

Today Cajsa has surgery. Surgery that she has desperately needed for over a year. Surgery that will restore her life and hopefully put an end to pain. It isn’t casual. It’s actually quite serious. This isn’t a “oh I had surgery once it was fine she’ll be ok” sort of surgery.
It’s the sort of surgery where you make a choice and hope for the best.

Over the past three years we have cried over boys, over joys and sorrows. We’ve sobbed together on the phone and in world. We’ve also laughed and cackled when so moved. She’s been there for me when babies were born, and when babies were lost. She’s held my hand and I have held hers when the world was worrisome and scary.

Two cartoon girls became real friends. Real. Not “this is my friend on the grid” friends. Real friends.  It kills me that I cannot be there for her today.

Berry asked what do you believe in? I believe in reality.

She goes into surgery at 8am SLT. She’s going to be in surgery many many hours. But when it’s over, it is my WILL that everything be better. You hear that Universe? I’m talking to you.

I love you Cajsa.

And I’m waiting for you. Come back soon.


PS – Yeah those early pics are from my early SL days. I didn’t know what high rez photos were, nor anything else. So – fssss to the haters. That’s just who we were, a couple of prissy girls in a low rez world.

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  1. Roslin Petion

    Thank you so much for sharing the journey of your friendship with us. She’s a lucky woman and I know I’m not the only one with crossed fingers wishing her all the best.

  2. Stacie Pryor

    This seriously made me cry. I’m so glad you found each other and have had the opportunity to form such a meaningful friendship. The grid wouldn’t be the same without either one of you. <3

  3. Sienna Bellios

    My thoughts and prayers are with Casja that the surgery is successful. You are both lucky to have each other as friends, and I will pray for you as well.

  4. Strawberry Singh

    These pictures are worth more than any high-fashion high-res pictures. These pictures show the bond between you two and your post literally put me to tears. I really only know you two through plurk and blogging but I have to say you both are so genuine and caring.

    Cajsa is one of the people that has saved me from leaving plurk a few times. Whenever I thought to myself that plurk is just a bag of drama and waste of time, I would see one of Cajsa’s encouraging plurks and change my mind. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to get to know you both a bit more.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Cajsa. Please keep us updated. <3

  5. Kitty O'Toole

    Best of luck to Cajsa..knowing that she has a friend like you waiting and willing her to get better will make it all worthwhile. The very best of luck x

    (PS Sisters is more apt for a friendship like yours; when you share a kinship with someone such as this it goes beyond genetics)

  6. Harper

    I’ve already noted concerns on Plurk, but here I am again. Please do keep us up to date, Gidge, and I’m praying for her and for you and your friendship as well.

  7. Winter Jefferson

    Cajsa is in my thoughts today. As I promised her that I’ve sacrificed several local children as an offering for her quick recovery. It’s okay – they totally had it coming.

    Wonderful heartfelt post Gidge.

  8. isle lunasea

    Really wonderful post, I enjoyed learning the history behind such a strong and true friendship. My best positive wishes to Cajsa and super hugs to you.

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  10. Harper

    Incidentally, which I forgot to mention, I remember that one photo up above, of the trio of girls doing a modeling session, which you and Cajsa were so kind to invite me into. I was wearing a shape/skin that was not my normal combo at the time, and I didn’t realize it until after we were done. But it came out beautifully, and it’s one of my fondest SL memories to have been there with her and you, Gidge.

  11. doveswanson

    I love this post.

    If there is something I miss about plurk, it’s getting to be a small part of people’s lives where I might not otherwise have the chance. You two were always some of my favorites on the timeline!

    I am hoping for everything to go better than well for Casja! I have her in my thoughts and I’ll keep her there until she is back home and safe.

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  13. distressedvelvetdamsel

    I have followed Cajsa’s and your blog for several years. The photos are amazing. I know you two have inspired many others to blog.
    @Cajsa-Please get better, we all love and miss you!
    @Gidge- Thank you so much for sharing this post. A real tear-jerker!

  14. Roisin Hotaling

    Beautifully said, Gidge. I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite a while. I had the good fortune to run into Cajsa some months ago in a shop, and we had an excellent conversation. Please send her my regards and good wishes for a speedy recovery. The friendships we forge in virtual space are real; one of my best friends in the world is a person I met in SL.

    P.S. I have long suspected that Cajsa and I live in the same area. If so, and if there’s anything I can do locally to help her out, send me an IM in world or drop me an email.
    – Ro

  15. Saxoni Fenstalker

    Wow, Gidge. What a beautiful post. My heart and thoughts go out to Cajsa. I’m sure there are many who are right there with you, willing the universe to make her well and give her a quick recovery. I know I am. Your blog was the very first fashion blog I discovered, and it remains one of my favorites. I love yours and Cajsa’s style sense as well as your senses of humor. I’m looking forward to your post that tells us everything went well with Cajsa’s surgery.

    Oh, btw — what the heck is BIAB? I’ve never heard of it before but am now very intrigued. I guess I’m still a noob even though I’m well past my 1st rez day.

    ~ just one of your adoring fans

  16. Harper

    I think BIAB is “business in a box”? One of those silly things where you buy a store in a box, essentially; you become a sort of franchise?

  17. Callie Oh

    My thoughts and prayers are with Casja, her family and all her friends.
    Yours is a wonderful story of friendship.

  18. dawnde

    thankyou for sharing your friendship, i can only imagine you was probably trying to fill sometime with out worry of your friends situation and trying to remember the good times. and it shows, the most beautiful tribute to a person i have read. she and you are very lucky to have found such a life changing friendship

    get well soon casja, you have a true friend waiting for you
    good luck to you both

  19. Trixie Bumbo

    What a lovely post, Gidge. Thank you for sharing it. I’m sending all the positive energy I can muster Casja’s way …. hope she’s much better very soon.

  20. Cajsa Lilliehook

    Awwww, Gidge. You made me cry – good, happy crying! I love you!

    Thanks everyone! You good wishes and prayers must have been doing double duty because my surgery took exactly the minimum estimated time. Everything seems to be progressing perfectly. The post-operative pain is less than what I felt before the operation, so I am feeling very optimistic.

    Yesterday was a rough day, but I think it’s all smooth sledding from here forward.

  21. Tem Beaumont

    This is a really beautiful story, I laughed and cried without even knowing either of you! Continue to get well Cajsa…and long may such a wonderful friendship blossom.

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