It's only an amazing friendship


Earlier today, Miss Gidge made me cry by posting an eloquent and heart-felt testimony to her friendship with Cajsa. It made me stop and think about my own connections in Second Life, and what makes the game worth playing for me. I agree — it’s also the people. Second Life can be a quiet world sometimes when nobody’s awake or everybody’s busy, but the moments of interaction with good friends make all that quiet blogging time worthwhile. I love my friends too, and that feeling is as real life as it gets. It was also beautiful to read about Cajsa and Gidge’s friendship and how it grew, and painful to see Gidge’s state of mind while she waited for her BFF to emerge from the operating room.

This post is for Gidge and Cajsa. The styling is far from my usual, because I’m trying my best to take on Cajsa’s style aesthetic. I’m in gray with red hair, and I donned the most ruffled item that I own in my wardrobe. Cajsa exudes femininity to me, and I tried my best to embody this. It’s harder than it looks — I had to firmly remind myself to leave off the finger tape and facial piercings. Heck, I even put on earrings! (The problem is, I think I failed — I look like I’m in vintage, waiting for something creepy to happen, like Tippi in The Birds. But hey, I tried.)

Even though Gidge and Cajsa and I have extremely different styles, their blogging has always had a place in my heart. I love the location shots, and I’ve always been a sucker for Cajsa’s lighting effects, and whenever I feel like looking for a perfect frock I head on over to It’s Only Fashion. Keep on keeping on, you two, and thank you for inspiring me today.

The birds are coming

Eyes: Poetic Colors easter lilac eyes
Shoes: Lazy Places Bowie Flats
Earrings: G*Field imperial earrings
Hair: Clawtooth True Betty in strawberry
Blouse: /artilleri/ sally sweater in seafoam
Jacket: G*Field Ruffle Bolero in gray
Skin: Exodi Isolde Soleil 4
Skirt: /artilleri/ Tiffany Skirt *gray*
Studio: by Le Petit Morte

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