Patriotism By Guest Stylist Kavar Cleanslate

posted by Gidge Uriza

While joking on PLURK yesterday about the USA FLAG Thongs and PASTIES or whatever the hell it is offending everyone for the 4th of July this year, Kavar Cleanslate (EXILE Creator) suggested I post in Red Hair, Blue Jeans, and topless – as my appropriate July 4 salute to the U.S. Independence Day.


And I dunno what is up, but then I mentioned it to Winter Jefferson and HE TOO thought it was a brilliant styling plan for my July 4 post.

I just don’t think these foreign guys get the 4th of July. They are so weird.

Thanks to Gogo for the suggestof Sweet Lovely Cute poses. I knew she’d know where to find some hands over tits poses, as she ALWAYS has her tits out. 😛

Happy 4th Americans. Now, let’s BBQ!

Undead Gidge Likes BBQ too……..

Style Notes:

  • Skin – Belleza Alyson – Pale – 15
  • Hair – Exile – Amelia – Crimson
  • Jeans – Sn@tch – Vintage Jeans
  • Shoes – A-bomb- Gidge Heel – Patent
  • Jewelry -EarthStones – Fireworks Jewerly – Spectrum

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