CANDY GOES BOOM – Without the Aid of Photoshop

posted by Gidge Uriza

Yes, I’m still a kitteh. But I thought I’d take this opportunity to dispell a weird rumour I heard going around. It’s about photoshop, and bloggers.

Some bloggers do use it, I know for a fact and hell, even my best friend and blog partner Cajsa uses it on occasion to artsy up her shots. There are a lot of uses for it that improve the quality of our pics, and I gotta say……….

I wish I had it.

See what I would do, isn’t fix your products. If  your work is so freaking bad it needs to be photoshopped to be shown, I wouldn’t wear you. No, what I’d fix is MY OWN fucking mistakes. Little tweaks here and there, that you might not even see, but the mean girls on PLURK do (you know who you bishes are) and thats the sort of correction technology that keeps your photos out of the NO plurks.

So what I did, just to say, hey, photography is about color, composition and taste and not TECHNOLOGY ALONE……….is to shoot this entire set in high rez………..but without windlight. I used MIDDAY LIGHT SETTINGS.No change to the gamma, no moving about the east angle. Hell I didn’t even tweak up the rendervolumelode factor thingy…….my antialising is always on properly  so……..that just is what it is.

Now, I am not a photographer. Cajsa is a photographer. I’m a blogger, who also takes pics. If I want really really good pics, I ask Cajsa to do it. Because her eye is flawless and her taste is impeccable. Because she looks at each creation with an artists passion and tries to bring an artistic flair to her presentation.

What I bring you are clean photos with good lighting (on most occasions). None of the things I shoot will have say, extra appendages,random prim attachments etc. Unless I show them to you. There will be no ninja-like hidden textures waiting to attack your avatar.

These are actually cute bikinis, not ballgowns or mech avatars.

And this is a beta skin from PXL Creations called Candy.

If I had ps I woulda fixed my lashes dammit.

I’m just sayin.

Style Notes:

***Bold R Indicates a Review or Promotional Copy Product***

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape now with bigger ass
  • Hair – Dernier Cri – Julie
  • Skin – PXL Creations – Candy – Sunkissed LIME LEB R
  • Eyes – SHINE – Silent Lucidity Mardi Gras – Freebie – OMG LOVE THEM
  • Bikinis – BOOM – Infinity Bikinis in many colors all of which are exactly as pictured and none are made of burlap R
  • Shoes  A-Bomb – Francesca Sandals R
  • Bracelet – Callie Cline  THE ROCK collection R
  • Tail – Psychotic Neko for Callie Cline – the Extreme Tail R
  • Ears – Callie Cline – Nekoture  R
  • Lip and Nose Rings – EarthStones
  • Manicure – PXL Creations – Blue #4
  • Lashes – Lelutka Photoshoot 2 Lashes

0 thoughts on “CANDY GOES BOOM – Without the Aid of Photoshop

  1. Hart

    I love os much the “defualt” way to take picture… i think is a good service to show how really the products are when buyed 🙂


  2. callie cline

    I LOVE IT! a beach bunny kitten!

    so so so cute!

    so happy ur having fun with the tail and ears and stuffs 😉

    more fun tails to come! yay!

    ur composition if fab and color etc. you go girl!~



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