Community Spirit: The Aggregators

NOCTURNE Fashion Feed

It doesn’t matter which is your favorite, the fashion feeds are essential elements in building the fashion community. They are the neural network spreading information and connecting us together. Without the feeds our little blogs would be lonely voices in the wilderness. So a big shout out for the aggregators – each and every one of them.

5 thoughts on “Community Spirit: The Aggregators

  1. Peter Stindberg

    The “problem” with the individual aggregators is that many bloggers submit their posts to multiples of them, so you invariably end up with duplicate posts.

    A while ago I addressed this problem by sending these aggregated megafeeds through a complex setup using Yahoo Pipes, resulting in a single feed that – as best as possible – contains no dupes.

    I wrote about it here: – there are also links to the “cleaned” resulting feeds, and one feed which only shows the images of each post.

    Of course the content of the actual feeds or blogposts does not get altered. If you clicked on one of the results of my consolidated feeds, you end up with the original post.


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