Three Little Things

Samsara Barzane does not mess around when issuing a challenge. While I have many favorite skins and hair style, shoes and lashes, I don’t think any one of them is a must have. I can wear a different skin, a different hairstyle and I know that someday, they will be supplanted by other favorites. However there are three things that even when I try something that is supposed to be better, I shrug and go back to these old faithful, tried and true items. The first is my Photosphere by Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot.  There are other studios, but this one lets me take shots from more angles, more adventurously.  The second is my Pose Pad Pro from Nyterave Studio. There are fancier ones – but they’re more complicated than I like. This is simple, but still full of features that I like/need. The last item is my Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe. In it, I have my favorite poses and my dances – it allows me to add dancers, select dances and works as an AO and so much more. I can’t imagine going to a dance party without it.

4 thoughts on “Three Little Things

  1. Arcadia Nightfire

    I have to agree about that pose pad from Nyterave. I’m so thankful you bought me one of those. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received. I use nothing else. Also, since I’ve been unable to locate it myself, I’m definitely glad you got me one, lol.

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