SLurls Directory: A Community Project


I realized it’s been awhile since I have posted a reminder about the SLurls Directory.  While I began the SLurls Directory, it is a community project – jointly maintained by volunteers. Some volunteers like Achariya Maktoum and Lizzie Lexington have done a lot of work updating store locations and adding new stores.  The Directory lists designer and fashion blogs, store SLurls and online store URLs. Bloggers are encouraged to either link to the Slurls Directory or to copy and paste into a directory on their own site if they prefer.

Volunteers Needed: The Directory really needs some volunteers who are willing to take on the specialized listings of Skin Stores, Hair Stores and so on. If you would like to tackle that, please volunteer.  Someone who would like to expand the blogroll would also be a great addition.

Designers: Please check that your store, store blog and online (XStreet) listings are posted and the locations are up to date. If not, please ask to be added and post any corrections or updates.

Fashion Bloggers: There’s a blogroll, so please ask if you would like to be added to that as well and seriously consider volunteering.

Sometimes we get requests to add other kinds of stores. I hope someone will take on the gargantuan task of indexing all the stores, but that is far beyond the scope of this project. Just fashion-related businesses is overwhelming as it is.

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