Have you ever seen at a gas station or garage when some gasoline spills on a puddle of water? That’s what the iridescent colors in this dress remind me of – the rainbow within reach.  This is really an amazing gown -taking the folden shapes from origami and translating them into a wild and beautiful concoction. It was a gift from AvaGardner  Kungler which she gave a thank you for her photos in the Double Take project. I will share one of those photos below.

AvaGarder Kungler - one half of the Kungler dynamic design duo.

It’s a long gown with 4 skirt prims for ultimate coverage and flow. However, AvaGardner actually provides 8 skirt prims. One is a runway version with more expansive and extravagant flowing prims and the other is slight narrower and more considerate of the couple dancing next to you if you wear to a dance.  Unknown to her, though, there’s a third version.

The glitch pants are mod, so you can raise them up and remove the bottom two prims for an opera length dress for cocktail parties and semi-formals.  Now I have to confess to bad blogging. I wore those marvelous sandales from HaysUriza before checking that they are still on sale. I did not see them at the store, so I IM’ed Hays Uriza to ask if they are at another outlet. She says they have been removed for renewal, which leads me to hope that in the near future you can purchase an updated version of them at HaysUriza.  In the interim, if you are desperate and are very, very polite, I suppose you could IM and ask her if she would sell you a pair.

I hope this marvelous hair atones for the shoes. It’s from Amrita and so beautifully echoes the fan-like folds of the dress I had to wear it. The necklace and earrings are from Elemental Muse. Now, these are among the most expensive jewels I own, but I have never regretted purchasing them. The colors are so rich and they have just the right amount of brilliance. It’s a stunning set and beautifully iridescent.The Exodi Eden v2 skin – Poupre -also has a luminous glow to it – and the colors are so perfect for this gown.

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  • Poses: Long Awkward Pose
  • Skin: Exodi Eden v2 Poupre
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Amrita Formal Hair Echidna
  • Dress: Kungler Couture Serina – Origami Garden
  • Shoes: HaysUriza Sandale Ribbon Greenmix
  • Jewelry: Elemental Muse Midnight Fire Set

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