Fukmi Sideways – No, Seriously

posted by Gidge Uriza

Is it me, or do I look like I’m being stalked in this picture? GET AWAY!

Just kidding.

I’m making my way through the VIP hunt gifts and this one is a little out of order – it’s from the creator Fukmi Sideways who, although I knew her from Plurk, I’d never visited her store until the hunt. While there I picked up a cute bikini for my beach time this Memorial Day holiday!

The retro styling and texture really caught my eye with this suit. On the grid when so many swimsuits have everything hanging out in rather unladylike ways, it’s fun to see more demur sexy pieces being created.

I slipped into one of PXL Creations FASHION TAN tones for the Grace Skin just to mix it up. I don’t wear tan tones very often, but the PXL Creations skins are always among my favorites.

Now, you might say, why Gidge, what WAS it that Fukmi provided in the VIP hunt that made you want to shop there afterward? Why – I’d be delighted to show you!

I was really surprised to find not just a couple of items in my folder from Fukmi, but a rather large assortment of tops and two colors of carpris.

Top, Pants, Jewelry, Belt and Shoes Included as Part of VIP Hunt Gifts

Top, Pants, Jewelry, Belt and Shoes Included as Part of VIP Hunt Gifts

There were two pair of these pants, one purple on black – I mixed up the cuffs as you can see.  And the shoes are cute, not shite like you sometimes get in “complete outfits”.  I’m not bashing people who cannot make shoes. I cannot make shoes. I just think including hideous shoes is never a win. That’s not the case here! These are cute!

This shirt was included in a rainbow of colors

This parental advisory shirt was included in a variety of colors.

I personally thanked Fukmi for providing such an array of hunt gifts and she said she just wanted to make it worth people’s while. I think she did that, and then some. Thank you so much for your thoughfulness!

Style Notes

***Bold R Indicates a review Item***

Bikini Shoot

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – PXL Creations – Grace Fashion Tan – Wine lips- freckles R
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lilac Blossoms
  • Hair – Laqroki – Classic 2 – Sunkissed
  • Swimsuit – Fukmi Sideways – Plaid Swimsuit

VIP Hunt Gifts

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Genesis – Eden – Sugar R
  • Hair – Zero Style – Dana – Swedish Blonde
  • Shirts, pants, jewelry, shoes and all accessories by Fukmi Sideways for the VIP Key Hunt

23 thoughts on “Fukmi Sideways – No, Seriously

  1. haha

    ROFL… i think we have a winner for ugliest bitch on the grid, omg… so fucking scarey, plz delete this avatar.. or at least buy a new face, so fucking ugly, sham ebecause their skins are great…. such a shame to put them on a fuck ugly avatar like this.

  2. haha

    haha is my name, laughing at all you SL Fashion pricks who leave out the small vendors, the ones with actual talent.

  3. Gidge Uriza Post author

    Really? Well you’re obviously well versed with our team, considering the fact that we blog a lot of boutique vendors.
    Seriously, you’re very unkind.

  4. Jhuzen Ketsugo

    I thinks you look adorable, and I also think someone needs to find a new job.

    There are enough anonymous Trolls in the world “haha”… time to find something constructive to do with all that bile you are swimming in. If you are trying to get under Gidge’s skin, better move on, she is tough as nails and smarter then almost anyone I know.

    ~ Ketsy

  5. haha

    Well…. think what you like, i’m sick of this clicky shit, half these clothes suck *fact*… if you not in the “group” you suck… it’s sad…. the whole sl fashion world is a fucking sham, and this ugly bitch avatar pics prove this, look at my fuck ugly avatar in these awsome clothes… problem is, the clothes suck.. and so does the avvie.

  6. Ryker Beck

    Gidge, as always, wonderful post. 🙂

    And “haha”, first, A+ on the name. It must’ve taken at least a 3-year-old’s creativity to come up with that. Thumbs up.

    Secondly, I’d rather be ugly than a spineless coward. Put your balls where your mouth are and suck on em, bitch.

    Ryker – over and out.

  7. haha

    Fact is.. these pics are second rate, with second rate “clothes”… this upsets me, theres good designers in SL… but a lot do not get seen… this is what bugs me, anyway…. last post… if you want to spend lindens on this utter shit go for it, your a moron, try looking for go0d retailors, that make their own things, not from slx templates, there are a lot out there, and they are awsome.. you can be individual too… doesn’t take much effort.

  8. Isle Lunasea

    Great post Gidge, and love the pics. That bathingsuit is sweet, and now I am so gonna have to go thru my nasty inventory and find these things. Particularly love the Zero hair in the second one, with the advisory shirt. Rockin’.

    Very cute and realistic av, Gidge, and great stuff Fukmi. <3

  9. Lizzie Lexington

    Lovely post Gidge as always!

    Seriously Haha, what is your problem? And whats up with these moron attacking fashion blogs lately.

    Obviously Haha you dont read this blog. Both Gidge and Cajsa feature boutique designers frequently. Get a life.

  10. danciengraves

    It was an excellent post Gidge. Please ignore the troll as they’re obviously some mouth breathing knuckle dragger with an envy issue. And of course haha doesn’t want to reveal their name. Why with that charming personality we could be assured that they’re some half assed Brazilian BIAB merchant with nary a fucking clue about how to make their own merchandise.

  11. Tenshi

    “Fact is.. these pics are second rate, with second rate “clothes”… this upsets me, theres good designers in SL… ”

    …and second rate comments…

  12. Cajsa Lilliehook

    Hugs for Gidge. So HaHa, an ignorant pustule who cannot spell clique, is having a wee bit of cowardly self-amusement. Like Lord HaHa, the criminal, this HaHa finds entertainment and humor in spite and unkindess. Pitiful creature.

    However, I will make a point to get a new outfit at Fukmi thanks to HaHa’s encouragement.

  13. Lavea Alter

    Gidge and Casja, I luv ya both. Your blog is fab and you are wonderful people. Ignore the trolls…they want you to respond. It’s some bizarre form of entertainment for them.

  14. Kenzie Corleone

    Just wanted to say thank you to Gidge for writing an awesome blog post. THIS is the kind of blog I want to read. Well done Gidge. Keep on doing exactly what you are doing cuz we all love it.

    The best way to respond to assholes like haha are to not respond at all. They truly are not worth your time and effort. Trust me I know 😉

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