In a blue mood

So, I was in a blue mood today and I don’t mean unhappy, soulful or sad. No, I just wanted some blue clothes and blue jewelry and to play me some blues on ITunes. So I put on some Gatemouth Brown and rooted around in the semi-organized chaos I call my inventory.  The first thing I pulled out were the stockings from League. Now, I know you don’t start an outfit from the stockings, but I didn’t care, I wanted to wear them and I knew I could find something to suit. Sure enough, this skirt from Sugar Cube was perfect, so it was simply a matter of finding a shirt, some accessories and I would be good to go.

There was this IM from a stranger waiting for me when I got online – I waited a bit to settle before responding to im’s and was dressing when I noticed it sitting there and replied thinking someone might want a portfolio or profile pic taken. Her name was Jori and she’s opening a new store called Pretties by JB and asked if she could drop a few promotional items. I said sure and she dropped these great boots and a bunch of bangles. It was a happy coincidence that they suited today’s outfit perfectly – so I didn’t even have to look to choose my boots.

Last weekend I saw this gorgeous blouse at LeeZu and picked it up. I thought it would work and tossed it on and said “Eep!” Oh, it’s ideal except that the exposure level was a bit more than I like. I know I can reduce the sheerness by wearing multiple layers but the high waist on the skirt needed the jacket layer and truly, to get this in my comfort zone without something opaque underneath would take more than three layers.  So I head to my lingerie folder and alphabetically go down the list of bras trying them one by one. Oh those diacritical marks used to circumvent normal alphabetization are irritating. Insolence is in the first half of the alphabet and was 4th from the last in my Lingerie/Blue/ folder. Still, it was worth the effort. This is much more interesting and a better match than the early one that tempted me.

I needed earrings and recalled Dark Mouse had release some funky boho earrings and necklace that would work for the direction this was heading. I tossed them on and was immediately happy and just needed to decide on the hair.  I was thinking Boho and recalled this hat I got from Periquita must be more than a year ago and then looked in my folder where I have all the hair I have already modded to bits to fit in a hat and chose this one from Lelutka. Once I mod a hair to go with a hat, I keep it in the hats folder so I don’t have to spend hours modding hair that I have modded before.

Then I did something crazy, I put on blue nail polish. I have never done that before. Gidge is the one who wears crazy colors of nail polish, I am a pink, red, peach, salmon, clear and when I am very daring, gold nail polish wearer. Still, I like this blue and since it’s made by Hart for PXL skins, it is perfectly placed on my skin. The bangles I had already decided on when Jori dropped her folder – and i saw how well they worked.

Now, this is slated to become my favorite skin and makeup I think. I have always thought Hart Larsson’s Grace skins were so elegant.  I like them and you see them a lot in my stylings – but now he’s coming out with a Fair skin tone and I am over the moon. He’s still working on the makeups and refining what will be the final release. For example, he sent a couple samples yesterday and I suggested a dash more rosiness in the cheeks and he sent new ones today and sure enough, the cheeks are perfect in my eyes. I don’t kow the release date but all you fair skinned women, there’s new skin joy on the horizon.

***STYLE NOTES******
Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: PXL Creations Grace Fair SpringFlamenco R
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Nails: PXL Blue #5
  • Hair: Lelutka Peta
  • Blouse: Leezu Valerie Blouse Blue
  • Bra: Insolence Leslie Blue
  • Skirt: Cube Sugar HighWaist Skirt
  • Stockings: Ella by League
  • Shoes: Pretties by JB Short Stacks Coal R
  • Jewelry: Pretties by JB * Moxie Hues of Blue bangle R
  • Dark Mouse Flights of Fancy Gold R
  • Hat: Periquita blue Hat with Feathers

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