Casual Sn@tch Friday-and a Hair Story

posted by Gidge Uriza

I think Ivey Deschanel is one of those creators who cares too much.  She has this big heart, and wants everyone to be happy. I believe that it is this character flaw  that causes her to do things like this.

Like what? Like create pants and ankle boots that can be worn together with minimal borking.  I stay away from ankle boots because they always look retarded with pants a LOT (poking through the bottoms of flairs etc) so I don’t bother.

The length on the pants and the height of the boot - JUST miss each other

The length on the pants and the height of the boot - JUST miss each other

These metropolitan boots are also a great buy because they contain my favorite versatility feature in accessories – color change. That rocks. 

So let me tell you about the hair. Yes I have a short HAIR story.

Lag doesn’t make you buy the wrong thing. Even though I once bought the wrong hair at Bishwear during a lag storm let’s face it, it’s our IMPATIENCE with the lag that makes us buy the wrong thing. Because we think we can hurry up a process which will not accept hurrying.

I went to Maitreya when the flurry of bloggers were screaming to heaven in delight, but due to the lag of the sim practically being full – I couldn’t do more than cam shop around. However, I owned none of their hair, and just picked up a bunch of random demos.

I really liked one called Piper – actually I liked them ALL but earmarked my first purchase to be PIPER.   So when I judged the flurry to be over, I went back to pick it up.

Beautiful Face by Hart Larsson of PXL Creations

Beautiful Face by Hart Larsson of PXL Creations

So I went back, flurry had only died down a bit sadly for me, but I stumbled into people until I got close enough to the vendor marked Piper and bought some blonde hair.

I went home, slapped it on and went WHAT THE HELL! I put my demo on – yes this is it – I put my hair on and my inner Homer Simpson went D’OH!

Cuz, Maitreya makes Piper and Piper 2. Hahahaahah. I bought the wrong one. Now – nothing AT ALL wrong with Piper,it’s just that I had Piper 2 earmarked and had just remembered the name oh so slightly wrong.


SO…..poor me had to go BACK to Maitreya and buy the other one too. Don’t you feel sorry for me? And no, I’m not one of those people who messages the creator to see if I can swap it. It’s not their fault I’m a ding dong!

Fashion Details

***Bold R Indicates Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – PXL CREATIONS – GRACE – Smoke Eyes Wine Lips R
  • Hair – Maitreya – PIPER in Natural Blonde (NOT PIPER !)
  • Top and Pants – Sn@tch – NOT A VICTIM
  • Boots  Sn@Tch– Metropolitan Boots
  • Necklace – Balderdash – Jazz Funeral – Twilight

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