Lemania's Ribbons

posted by Gidge Uriza

Our window for wearing heavy, overly ornate cocktail dresses and gowns is closing – at least as far as the RL season goes. Soon we’ll be shedding tafettas,  heavy silks and velvets for cotton damasks and chiffon.

But not quite yet. 🙂

A last hurrah for winter time cocktail dresses, Rose of my Heart is a rich texture on a really simple construction (YAY for simple, less chance I’ll jack up the prim pieces).

This was part of her Valentine Hunt…..which my brain hurts me but may still be going on. I THINK it was through the 28th.

I’m still flaunting my great skin pick up at Symphony Skins – This is alto Parfait Armour. 4 skins for L$250 – Suuuuhweeet.

Fashion Details

***Bold R Indicates Review Item***

  • Shape  – Gidge Custom shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Symphony Skins – Alto – Parfait Amour
  • Hair- Diversity Hair- Ember – Seashell
  • Eyes – FNKY -Purple Rain
  • Dress – Lemania – Rose of my Heart – Hunt Gift
  • Hose – Shop Toshy black pattern pantyhose
  • Jewelry – Fresh Baked Goods – Bright Sugar Thumbprints

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