Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'……..3 Stories about Efe

posted by Gidge Uriza

I have three stories all related to this post. The first is that from the moment I saw this dress from Casa del Shai, I HAD to have it and dress up like Tina Turner.  Why?

First Story:

When I was three my grandma asked me who was going to be for Halloween. I said I wanted to be that lady in the red dress. She smiled down at me indulgently and said,”Who?” So I said “You know – dat lady that SINGS and dances around in that red dress!” Again, thinking I’m so cute, she says “Who honey?” At which point I apparently started shaking and shimmying and belting out a three year old’s version of PROUD MARY.

Yes, I wanted to be Tina Turner.  You can imagine how well that went over in a conservative, white-bread midwestern household.  Personally I wish we had it on tape.

Story 2

I had already decided that I was so in love with these Efe skins from Hart Larsson that I truly knew I wanted to wear them around, just like my regular skins.   It was dressed up in my Efe skin that I discovered a secret. Although regular Gidge might not be attractive to males across the grid (I base this on the LACK OF “MAKE SEX?” invitations I get vs. other AVs) EFE version of Gidge is smokin’ HOT. I had to PEEL the pixel boys off of me. One even going so far as to chat me up in FRONT of his cartoon girlfriend – who got quite peeved.

One also sang songs by GUNTHER to me, but perhaps only Europeans get turned on by a doofus singing “Oooo, you touched my Tra-la-la.” I will leave that to the Europeans to explain to me. The same guy also declared he would make me his WOMAN! Woohoo!! Lucky ME! I’ll be sure to send you all an invite to our partnering – I’m certain his love is true……..

Story 3

Do you like this hair? Cuz ummm, you’ll be seeing a lot of it. A LOT. Why?  Well that’s a funny story. I’ve got a bit of a wonky situation with my PC and I’m running on a less than optimal video card.  So there I am trying on hair at Bishwear, and I’ve tried on a few – and I LIKED this one when I saw the vendor and was thinking that I might pick it up for a Patti LaBelle look and although I was lagging a bit with my machine and I went to buy the demo to check it out.

And then I realized I had every color.

Now, call me unobservant – but my first inclination was that the creator had oopsed and put the fatpack in the demo box.  I whipped out a notecard to alert her, along with an offer to pay because I’m not a thief (but it was gonna nearly wipe out my Linden balance) and then I LOOK at my Linden balance.

And it was nearly wiped out.

Guess what?

Yeah you guessed it. I bought the fatpack. So you will be seeing a lot this damned hair. Now I LIKE IT. Don’t get me wrong at all. I just wanted maybe one or two colors of it.   Tell me you like this hair. Tell me it rocks.

Because I can’t buy any damn hair for a million years!  Pardon me while I both laugh and cry.

Fashion Details

***Review Items noted with a Bold R***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – PXL CREATIONS – Efe – Pink Lips Glossy Eyes R
  • Hair- Bishwear – Entice – Black (BEST HAIR IN THE WORLD DAMMIT!)
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Dress – Casa del Shai – Pink Flamingo
  • Shoes – Stiletto Moody Mary Jane Sandals
  • Earrings – Ricx – Gold Hoops
  • Nails – Love Soul Dark Color Red

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  1. Harper

    (Patting Gidge’s hand)

    We like it, honey; it rocks. You can stop foaming at the mouth now. And I may even run by the store to help build your bank balance back up; heaven forfend you should skip a visit to a hair store!

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