I Can Only Wear This Because Lil' Kim Stopped

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay, so I went shopping with Cajsa, that week she fell in love with Modern Gypsy. I spied this dress on the wall – and said I was only going to buy it as an homage to Lil Kim. But in fact, if she were still wearing the one-boob pastie style, then of course it wouldn’t be retro chic and I’d have lef t it on the shelf. 🙂

So time went by, and I ended up wearing this to a party at Rouge, after which Cajsa told me “We need to shoot that dress.” Then I replied “But, I was going to go into Tashi Station to pick up some Power Converters…..” (kidding)………

But I did have stuff to do. We had new releases at my store, I had the requisite notecards to send out etc plus I had to make sure the vendors were all good………etc etc etc (everyone who owns a store is going “yeah we get it move on).

So all dolled up we rolled over to Don’t Ask – and she shot me while I worked. Only in SL could I multitask and look so flipping cute.

Fashion Details


  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Bianca F Group Gift- Porcelain
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – Diversity  Hair- Noelle – Sunshine Blonde
  • Dress – Modern Gypsy – Zara
  • Shoes – Juicy slingbacks in Peppercorn
  • Nails – Adam n Eve – Rogue

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