Here You Come Again

And Here I Go...

And Here I Go...

posted by Gidge Uriza

Here You Come Again
Just when I’m About To Make It Work Without you….

You Look Into My Eyes
And Lie Those Pretty Lies
And Pretty Soon I’m Wondering How I Came To DOUBT YOU?

All You Gotta Do Is Smile That Smile
And There Go All My Defenses
Just Leave It Up To You and in a little white
You’re messin’ up my mind, and filling up my senses…

When I was younger, without paying much attention to the song, I always thought she was happy to see him. Now I realize that, in fact, despite being happy – she’s so devastated he’s returned. Who knew Dolly Parton could be so tragic?

I tend to adore lingerie that I don’t even wear much, simply for the elegance and feminine beauty of it. I was in a store recently and heard two blingtards railing against people who wear panties and how stupid they are etc…..that “They’re not Impressed” with those of us who wear panties.

Newsflash – unless I am wearing an outfit with required glitch pants (which are panties in their own right)…..I’m wearing panties. EVERY DAY. Period. I get dressed just like in RL – from the bottom layer out. I don’t wear them to impress you. And why are you looking at my panties anyway? I’m trying not to stare at your blingtardedness after all. (eeek mean girl alert!)

This beautiful set comes from one of my favorite lingerie locales Chic Boutique. Lush, intricate textures adorn all of their pieces. To me, it’s ALL must have.

Fashion Details

  • Gidge Custom Shape – Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Laqroki Lucy 03 Portrait Skin
  • Hair- Ember in Snickers by Diversity Hair
  • Eyes – FNKY purple Rain
  • Lingerie – Chic Boutique
  • Boudoir Slippers – Chic Boutique

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