And Jupiter aligns with Mars

I could not resist the Hair Fair Challenge from Achariya since I was already dressed for it. Of course, the Hair Expo is not the place for this skin to really be in its element so I popped over to Templum ex Obscurum for a snap. And what am I wearing?  Why nothing at all except the Mystique skin from Mutant Lives.

3 thoughts on “And Jupiter aligns with Mars

  1. Harper

    Yes; bodypainting lives!

    As for the Hair Fair, I was there today; I managed to clear two sims, and started on a third when I had to abandon for a while. How’d I dress? A top, a pair of pants, nails, and that was it. And, I’m proud to boast, I got my ARC score down to 1. Yes, that’s not a typo; 1 is the loveliest number. Not that it did much good for me; I was still swimming through the frozen molasses of others’ 800s and 1250s and 2527s (shudder). There was someone there today in a full Marie Antoinette outfit, up to and including the wig, the skirt, the sleeves…. They were well into the 2000s, and the number fluctuated every time they moved, as the sim server fought to picture the motion of all that panoply, and everyone else’s.

  2. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    Yes, lol. It was a hot mess of lag. I heard one woman moaning and moaning about the lag and looked her directions and saw her ARC was over 3200, but she was not the worst. There was one woman at 6200 + and she was blinging to boot. I cannot believe she rezzed, but she did, while a perfectly harmless 1 ARC avatar near her stayed gray.

    Sometimes, LL is unfair.

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