Seriously, Why Can I Not Get Some Room Service?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Speaking at the Blogher conference in SL, at the “Intersection of Blogging and Second Life” breakout session, was exactly the excuse I needed to go shopping someplace I didn’t NEED to go shopping at. Let’s see, where can I shop and file it under “extravagant and unnecessary?” ARMIDI! YAY! I can buy something at Armidi without any thought to price or usefulness etc.

Shopping at Armidi is such a chore.  I loooove Armidi. But, the lag, the slow rezz of the graphics make it way more tedious than a fashionista with fashion-ADD is likely to stand. However, I had a mission. I even knew what I wanted and strolled straight back to put together my Euro-trash fashionista look I wanted.

Dressed like this I want to air-kiss greet everyone and call them Dahling.

The hair is another find in my inventory that I don’t know the where or when – it’s from Gurl6 and I’m leaning toward it having come from Savoir Hair but I’m unsure about that. I just know that while searching for blonde this little mod-updo popped up and I was so pleased to find it.

Sometimes sifting through my own inventory is as much fun as shopping, I swear.

I rather gigglingly wish I had an Edina to this over dressed Patsy Stone I’ve put together. I just want someone to say “It’s Fabulous Darling. Fabulous.”

Now, as I continue my vacation here at the Bates Motel, I’m getting seriously peeved at the lack of room service, I tell you what. What’s a girl got to do to get some S. Pellegrino and some mozz sticks around here? Geez, I’ve got the munchies and no one ever answers the door!

See more pics from part two of my Bates Motel Vacation Here.

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Peppermint Blue – Party Red
Hair – Felicity in Light Blonde from Gurl6
Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY
Dress – Armidi – Gisaci Trend du Joure Carboncino
Shoes – Shiny Things – Belle in Acid – from Shoe Expo only avail there at this time
Tights – Shiny Things in Gold freebie from Shoe Expo
Sunglasses – Tesla – Enchant Sunglasses in Black
Nails – Adam N Eve – Rogue
Bracelet – Antique Pearl Twist bracelet from Bonita’s

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