Fashion Ninja

posted by Gidge Uriza

You may be unaware of this.

But I am a Fashion Ninja.

I have decided to confess this while out of town, so that if any of you other wanna-be Fashion Ninja’s want to kick my butt about it, I won’t be around. 🙂

It’s like this. When not out of town blogging on a hotel kiosk machine, I’m normally on a very very very good machine. Which means…….you don’t even SEE me coming when I SWOOOP in and have a seat in that lucky chair which is still rezzing for you.

I’ve been known to walk into an all grey store -up to the lucky chair and that lovely letter G is the first thing on the whole SIM to rezz for me and POUNCE! ‘Tis mine!

I recently though, have been using my powers for good – and telling YOU when it’s your letter. So, say, I stroll into Earthstones and it’s your letter and not mine and you seem not to be noticing, I then say Hello Letter X – they lucky chair is calling you!

Lucky Chair Karma has recently paid me back for my good deeds….by virture of dumping a ton of goodies on me at Tesla. That chair hit G 4 times in a row I kid you not…..and the 4th time was a FATPACK of her Jane shoes…….seen here in Plaid.

Lucky Chair Gods……..I bow before thee and swear to only use my powers for good from now on.

Also, I won’t hop in the chair if it’s something I already own, even though it’s really really fun.

More Pics of the Mahvelous Shoes HERE

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Chestnut by Peppermint Blue
Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY
Hair – June in dark brown by Laqroki
Shirt – Red crop top by Mistress Midnight (I cannot find the name of her store? Ideas?)
Shorts – Paris Shorts by AnnaH
Shoes – Janes Plaid heels by Tesla
Earrings – Black Eyed Susans from Petal Meg

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