A River Runs Through It

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was briefly at a loss for what to wear when invited to Bakura for a party with a bunch of clone stormtroopers.  A good friend just resurrected from the SL dead plus a newbie friend were looking at me with excitement about going to such a fun sim so I excused myself for a few minutes to go AFK and read my notices and attachments to find something new to wear.

Imagine my delight when I noticed Aleri Darkeshad released a new babydoll cocktail dress and the red color was on sale for 24 hours. I’m never partial to a true babydoll – so I tend to slid the skirs DOWN to the waist but regardless of which way you wear it, this shimmering dress is a fun new addition to my wardrobe.

After we partied out with the clones for a while I was whisked off to Nymphetamine isle to explore the nooks and valleys of beauty with a good friend.  I might’ve been a bit overdressed for a nature stroll but it was a delightful diversion.

To wrap up the evening and I gave Cajsa the grand tour of our new expansion of our estate at Quiricosta. My husband,Silo, has been building this river from a kit for some time.

Luckily when dressing that day I had the sense to put on fashionable yet sure footed shoes from Tesla – Elise 2 Elevate. I was able to amble along the rock bank of my new river and give Cajsa the full tour of the expansion land without falling on my pixel butt. Bonus – glamorous yet functional shoes! And they were Free! More pictures available on Flickr.

Fashion Details

Skin – Peppermint Blue – Party Red

Shape – Peppermint Blue 190cm

Eyes – Purple Rain from FNKY

Hair – from Aveda by ETD – Short Layered in Champagne

Dress – Varniza in Cherry

Shoes – Tesla – Elise 2 Elevate

Necklace – Mystic Gold Ruby Necklace from RICX


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