Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

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The Indy 500 has always meant a lot to me. I’m a fan. Growing up in Indianpolis I looked forward to the ENTIRE month of May and all the social events that revolved around the race. When I was about 3, when my grandfather was the mayor, my grandmother won a raffle at the Mayors Breakfast event – a black and white check mink stole.
Ever since then, the Indy 500 has been linked with black and white fashion in my mind. Social events revolving around the black and white fashion theme abound during the month of May abound in Indy and I never missed the opportunity to participate – from Casual to Elegant – if I could get an invite I’d be there.
Which is why when I picked up this Mae White dress from Elate my first thought ran to “Oh, an Indy 500 dress!”. I know – it’s sick isn’t it? But it just the sort of simple summer dress you would wear to a NICE 500 party – or even to the race if you had the good seats. The kind where you are sitting near royalty and movie stars.

I ran, not walked, the other day when I woke up and realized that ETD has several of their classic hairstyles on ONREZ for zero lindens – this one is called casual. It came in over 120 colors. It’s official I have an obscene amount of hair. I think, with all the color variations, I’ve added like 600 sets of hair in the last week.

Someone stop me. 

I never SEEK to run about fully clothed in freebies but this is an instance where I’d like to point out what you CAN do with freebies. Skin – freebie from Peppermint Blue, hair already mentioned- freebie, dress – got it when it was the Elate -dollarbie. Shoes – Tesla freebie (STILL available at Telsa main store – search Tesla!) 

Who knew you could do Indy 500 in SL so fashionably and so cheaply? If you’d like to see the whole shoot – the pics are here on Flckr.

*author’s note – Cajsa and I shot this on location. Huge props to the Amber Raceway for being a fun track and a great place to shoot. You can find by following that slurl or find it in search by just putting in Race I think – but it’s a fun track. Huge BOO to the racetrack who shall remain nameless whose owner kept throwing up a mega prim behind us so that we couldn’t shoot. See, I was REALLY impressed with the cars,and the track set up etc at THAT track – and had jotted down some really nice details to share.  But, I’ll leave that out. I’ll also leave out their name in the interest of being a lady but I wanted to call the guy a name that rhymed with “luck shard”. That’s all I’m saying.

AMBER RACEWAY – lotsa fun – cute place. Check it out!
Oh ANOTHER Author’s Note: It’s The Day before the Indy 500 so I’m all trackheaded today. I went looking for a fun track with open wheel racing today and ran into THIS Place. They took some open wheel race car freebies – and souped them up with better scripts, built a GREAT grand prix style track and the owner is just a sweetie! Please stop by for some fun. You can buy a car for $L10 or rez your own. I have to confess I bought a car AND a Landspeeder LOL. I’m adding pics of me with my car to flickr but – they are not Lovely like the ones Cajsa takes. Just some fun pics with me and my new open wheel race car!

Fashion Details

Skin – Raspberry Skin from Peppermint Blue

Shape – 190 CM from Peppermint Blue

Hair – Casual by ETD – White Blackened

Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY

Nails – Nail station color 3c

Dress – Mae White from ELATE (includes tights!)

Bracelet – Gurl 6 Metal Bracelet

Earrings – Vogart Gold Circle Earrings

Necklace – Diamond Silver Choker from RICX

Shoe – Elise 2 Elevate from Tesla

man I have a lot of stuff on……..

Now – Let’s RACE!




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