Hai Ku from Digit Darkes is Poetry in Motion

In A Lucky Chair

While Shopping Digit Darkes

Letter G Rang Out

– Gidge Uriza


I won this dress back in the day when Digit Darkes store was known as X3D and she HAD a lucky chair. I was a really new player, following around my linden rich friends when suddenly the lucky chair called out “G”. My friends said “GO!” and so I did, not knowing what I was doing.
By luck alone, I had just won a dress I had been admiring on the wall. I couldn’t believe my luck.

But also being a new player, I didn’t know how to adjust the skirt properly, and my big SL butt was constantly sticking through the belt. So I relegated it to my inventory, sad that I had this lovely dress I couldn’t figure out how to wear.

Flash forward one year later and I’m hunting up something festive to wear for my husbands Rezz Day/Housewarming party. And I suddenly remembered this fantastic dress I owned. I pulled it out of inventory, put on a shape that was more conducive (why bother to adjust perfection?) to the skirts shape and VOILA.

I had a beautiful, feminine party dress. I knew I loved it for a reason. 

Skin Chestnut from Peppermint Blue
Shape 190cm from Peppermint Blue
Eyes Purple Rain from FNKY
Dress -Hai Ku from Digit Darkes
Hair – Priss in copper from Laqroki
Necklace – Alienbear AI Love Necklace
Earrings – Daichi from Izumiya
Nails – Coffeebean from AE
Shoes – Gracile – Stone Queen
Rings – RICX

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