My Name is Dita. I'll Be Your Mistress Tonight.

Dita Corset Set from Chic Boutique

Dita Corset Set from Chic Boutique

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was invited to a Black and Red themed event last year and had an excellent black tulle skirt I wanted to wear. But WHAT to wear with it? It was fortune when I stumbled into Chic Boutique and ran straight into the DITA Corset Set.  Detailed with prim attachment ruffles and rich satin finish, you almost see light shine off of the corset.  When I chose something red to wear for a special holiday photo for my husband, this was an easy choice. Paired with Aleri Darkes DEBUTANTE Hair this was a very festive photo for my sweetheart.   Lingerie I find is too often just small clothes, no attention to romance and detail.  At Chic Boutique they seem to have found a way to truly draw the most delicate nuances from so many of their pieces. DITA is a great example.

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Eyes: Purple Rain – by FUNKY CAKE

Hair: – Debutante in Seaweed by Diversity Hair

Corset Set – Dita by Chic Boutique

Earrings – Diamond Dangle by RICX

Nails – ROGUE – by AE

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