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I Gave My Mom a Water Buffalo For Christmas


About ten years before my mother died, I discovered the perfect Christmas present for her that I was able to give her year after year. It was one she bragged about up one side of town and down the other. She just loved saying, “My daughter gave me a water buffalo for Christmas.” It just tickled her funny bone and best of all, she loved what the gift was for. Since then, more people in my family have taken to giving bee hives, chickens, pigs, goats and water buffalo for wedding presents, birthday and Christmas by making a contribution to Heifer International on their behalf. You still have time to check out the most important gift catalog in the world.

Heifer International fights poverty in the US and around the world by providing livestock and training so people can become self-reliant. Even better, recipients pledge to pay it forward, giving the first offspring to someone else in their community. It’s a great program and makes for fun, wonderful gifts. At least fun to talk about – because who gets water buffalo?

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Keep It Simple


I completely fell in love with this coat from Topazia even though I am wearing it without its fur cuffs and collar. It comes in 9 lovely colors and is styled to easily wear over a dress or skirt. The collar and cuffs are typical prim fur with the typical alpha glitches that only disappear when viewed from the right direction. I thought the coat looked more chic and modern without them. However, for a more luxe look you can certainly add them. For me, I will go with the clean lines of the simple mesh coat.


As you can see, it’s not lacking for design details that define it as a high end coat with the caplet bodice and the lovely bow. The dress, worn a size smaller peek sour where it should and not where it should not. The little handbag from Cherry is delicious.
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